I’m a 40 years old Electronic Engineer, my name is Andrea Pietrobon. I’m born in Italy not far from Venice, in small town in the countryside. In 1998 I finish my technical school, I studied IT. I’m always looking for new scores so after that I studied at Padova University and in 2005 I graduated, my major is microelectronic engineering.


During my school I made some different jobs, I worked in a farm,in a supermarket, and for very long time in a service station. 


At that time I had the opportunity to know many different people and improve my way to relations to the people (sometimes must be


very patient!).


After the graduation I started to work for Newa, a company that produce aquarium products, firstly I just stay in my office to the tasks


required but that was not enough for me. Fortunately my company worked with China since 2001, so I had the opportunity to come to China in 2007 to set up a production line. After the good results I had at that time my first task became the Chinese relationships. Starting from 2009 I moved to China, firstly in Shenzhen and after to Suzhou. 

In 2016 I moved to another company named Carimali, one of the most important producer of coffee machines. Since I start to work in this company I travelled all around south-east Asia.


My work let me travel a lot around China, I can visit many places (especially industrial areas) and I like this very much. I have the opportunity to discover a different China.


I can see the China of the people working hard, people that move from the west to East, the China nice people that want to have a better future for their self and for their family.


I like China very much, and I’m proud to be part of this country. I like to take pics during my trips, it’s just a passion, and I’m not a photographer.


If any comment please feel free to contact me.



Andrea Pietrobon



Skype: andrea.pietrobon

Email: andrea.pietrobon@gmail.com

Phone: +86 18606210072

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