Suzhou, is a major city in the southeast of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China, adjacent toShanghai Municipality. It is the economical, trading and logistics center of Jiangsu, and the second largest city in the province after its capital Nanjing. The city is situated on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the shores of Lake Tai and belongs to the Yangtze River Delta region. Administratively, Suzhou is a prefecture-level city with an urban population of over 5.4 million in its core districts. Suzhou is the ninth most populous city in mainland China, and the total population exceeded 10 million in its administrative area in 2010.It is considered one of the richest major cities in China.

Suzhou is famous for Handicrafts: Suzhou embroidery, fans, Chinese musical instruments, scroll mounting, lanterns, mahogany furniture, jade carving, silktapestry.

The city is also called "Venice of the east" for the canals and the water town, the most famous are : Shantang street, Pinjiang Street (in SUzhou downtown) and other small town such as Tong Li or Luzhi.

It is famour also for the classical gardens (protected by UNESCO), the most important are: the Humble Administrator's Garden and Lingering Garden.

Another important tourist destination is the "Tiger hill".

There are also nice temples to visit like Hanshan temple or Xuanmiao Temple.

It is nice also to walk in Guanqian Street, an pedestrial street in the SUzhou downtown full of shops and restaurants.

The mos developed area is the SUzhou Industrial park, this area is made with the coooperation of SIngapore governments and it is full of skyscreapers and shopping centers, here you can find restaurants from all around the world. The most important building is the Oriental gate, a new skyscreaper still under construction.

Outside Suzhou you can visit in Wuxi a temple with one of the highest Buddha in China (it is a new construction).

The night life in Suzhou is concentrate in Sichaun jie (Suzhou downtown) or Li gong di (Suzhou Industrial park), the night life it is not nice as in Shanghai but it is still fun.


Suzhou do not have an airport, the closest airports are Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) around 1 hour by car, or WUxi Sunan Shuofang International Airport (WUX) around 40 minutes.

Go to Suzhou from Shanghai is quite easy, there are high speed trains almost every half an hour or you can just take a long distance bus.

For going around in Suzhou you can use taxy. Taxis are available in the city and are an easy way to get around. City's official hotline for taxi dispatch is 67776777 or the new subway (only 2 lines are working). There ar also many bus but you must be able to read chinese.

You can also rent a bike, the cost sould be around 5 YUAN one day or a pendicab.


In SUzhou you can find all the most famous hotel chain in the world , if your bugget is limited you can find good chinese hotels starting from 250 Yuan/night

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