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When you go to Iran forget everything you heard about terrorism, religion and so on. The Iranian people are the opposite of our idea, they are very kindly, educated and many of them can speak english. The people is one of the part of Iran you should not miss!

The landscape, the archaeological sites, Mosque are beautiful. Iran is very safe for tourist and to get the visa is very simple.

When you arrive in Teheran airport you can make the visa directly there, if no other people are waiting in 10 minutes you can have. I had an invitation letter from a travel agency but you can also make the visa without (if you are not from USA).

When you go around you no need to take your passport (usually the hotel keep your passaport until you do not leave).

in the trip we were 3 persons, 2 guys and 1 girl, we did not have any problem and everything was fine and organized good.


1265 EURO/ person;

this include hotels, breakfast, lunch and dinner with soft drinks in famous restaurants (no in hotel), all the entrance for the sites and museums, tour guide (english language), private car with driver, fligth from Teheran to Shiraz, authorization number for the visa.

After this we only added the cost for having the visa in airport (50 euro).

Below you can find my trip in Iran, step by step.

Day 1 : Tehran-Shiraz

Arrive in Teheran, visit the National Museum and the Golestan complex.

In the Evening I took the fligth to Shiraz.

Day 2 : Shiraz

City tour: The garden Eram, the Madressah Khan, the mosque of Nassir Almolk, Orange Garden, the home of Zinat olmolk, hammam Vakil, the Vakil mosque, bazaar Vakil, the caravanserai Moshir.

Day 3: Shiraz-Persepolis-Naqsh-e Rostam-Shiraz

Visit of the most important archaeological treasures of Iran: Persepolis and Naqshe Rostam (with the rock tombs of the great Achaemenid kings, and bassorilievi-poster king of the Sassanid Empire.), Persepolis is the city that embodies the grandeur and collapse Achaemenid empire, one of the most powerful empires of the ancient world: Cambyses, Darius, Xerxes, Artaxerxes. The city was founded in 524 BC to celebrate the glories of the Achaemenid dynasty, now World Heritage Site by UNESCO, preserved architecture and sculptors masterpieces of extraordinary beauty. Return to Shiraz and visit the city: the tombs of poets Hafez and Saadi, one of the poets most loved and known by all Iranians, the mausoleum of Ali Ibne Hamzeh.

From Shiraz to Persepolis and the other archaelogical sites are about 120Km go and back, you can find many tours organized from the hotels. I had a driver for all the trip.

Day 4: Shiraz-Pasargadae-caravanserai

Drive to the caravanserai of Zeinoddin renovated and now a nice resting place for modern travelers, Caravanserais have been for millennia the stopping point for caravans and travelers transiting along the main trade routes, equipped warehouses, stables for animals , rooms for people, tanks and services, on the way visit to Pasargadae, which is dominated by the austere tomb of Cyrus the Great and the ruins of the city founded by Cyrus in the fifth century. BC and destroyed by Alexander the Great Overnight at the caravanserai of Shah Abbas Zeinoddin.

The trip is quite long, the distance is 480Km.

Day 5: Caravanserai-Yazd

On the way to Yazd,one of the most interesting of Iran, surrounded by the desert and the center of the Zoroastrian religion. visit the city: the towers of silence, the ancient cemetery of the Zoroastrians, the mills, the fire temple of Yazdan, the square Amir Ciakhmaq, pastry Haj Khalifeh, the water museum, the Friday Mosque and the old town, and in the evening performance of Zurkhaneh, the traditional discipline that fuses Sufism, tests of strength, singing and music. overnight in Yazd.

Day 6: Yazd-Nain-Isfahan

Road to Isfahan, Pearl of the Persian Renaissance. On the way visit of Nain (the Friday Mosque, underground laboratories weaving), continued to Isfahan, overnight Isfahan.

Day 7: Isfahan

City tour: The Naqshe Jahan Square with its mosques meravigliore Sheikh Lotfollah, Shah Abbas, Ali Qapu palace, the Zoroastrian fire temple, the bridges of SioSe and Khajou water projects and art of the seventeenth century, the caravanserai Abbassi.

Day 8: Isfahan

Vank monastery with the Cathedral of the Armenians (XVII c.)., the Friday Mosque, the Palace of Forty Columns, hammam Ali Qoli Aga.

Day 9: Isfahan-Natanz-Abyaneh-Kashan

Departure to Kashan via Abyaneh (292 km), and the visit of the Natanz village Abyaneh.Strada to the lovely city of Kashan ancient oasis on the edge of the desert, stay in Kashan.

Day 10: Isfahan-Natanz-Abyaneh-Kashan

Visit Kashan: From the garden of one of the most beautiful of Iran, the mausoleum of Ibrahim Shazdeh, hills prehistoric Sialk (from the 5th to the 8th century BC millennial), the traditional houses of Abbassian of Tabatabai, the mosque -madreseh Aga Bozorg with the unusual wind tower, the Bazar.Strada Qom religious center of Iran, Qom, visit the Shrine of Hazra Masumeh and opportunity to discuss with the office of the mullahs in Qom International Relations.

Hotel where I slept:

Shiraz: Hotel Eram 3* Zeynoddin: Carvanserraglio Zeynoddin Yazd: Hotel Mehr 3* Isfahan: Hotel Malek 3* Kashan: Hotel Negin 3* Qom: Hotel Parsia 4*

Travel agency I used:

Iran Sheedee Travel Nakheel shopping center Anvari st , shiraz - Iran Tel: (0098) 711 2339985, 2339986 Fax: (0098) 711 2339980 Mobile:(0098)917 7000459 www.persevoyages.com

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